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Frequently Asked Questions

You've no doubt got numerous questions when embarking upon a renovation. But that's okay, because we're here to help advise and walk you through the process.

We've outlined some common questions below but feel free to get in touch and ask us any questions specific to your project.


What type of renovation will need council approval?

There are a lot variables including size of block, distance from boundaries and the extent of the renovation. Typically, all additions that make changes to external walls and front facades will require council approval. Each and every job is different and it's best to speak with an experienced builder about your particular project.

Do you handle the DA (Development Application) process and interactions with council for approvals?

We work closely with an experienced architectural drafting and design team that we highly recommend, who are experienced with the application process and council requirements before any building work commences. We can consult throughout this process where needed with our architect/draftsman, or your own.

If I have a particular preferred trades-person already (for example, an electrician or plumber), can I choose to use them on my project?

Many of our clients already have established relationships with some tradespeople and we are happy to work with any other professionals. Of course, we also have our preferred tradespeople who we highly recommend also. There is no problem to elect your own preferred tradespeople, however, bear in mind that if they are a relative or friend who cannot commit to your project as and when needed, this can sometimes greatly extend the duration of your project whilst waiting for their work to be completed.

I'm pretty handy, but not a qualified trades-person. Are there any areas of the project I can do myself?

This really depends on the part of the project that you'd like to be involved in. We do construction works day in and day out, so quite often its better left to us. The benefits of having us handle everything is that it'll likely be done faster, be kept on schedule for other works/trades to progress, and there'll be less hiccups along the way. There are insurance considerations also. However, we're happy to discuss your project and where you may be able to put your own mark on it.

Can you build custom cabinets and shelves?

Yes, we do! Everything we do is custom built to your specific requirements.

Approximately how long does a bathroom renovation take to complete?

A standard bathroom renovation is generally started and completed within 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your requirements, size of the bathroom and so on. This includes demolition of your old bathroom, any new plumbing and electrical rough in, straightening up of walls, sheeting walls and floor, waterproofing, tiling and fixtures fit-out.

Approximately how long does a kitchen renovation take to complete?

Turnaround for custom cabinetry is generally around 6 weeks, then the kitchen renovation can be commenced once its ready to go. A standard kitchen renovation can be achieved in as little as 2 weeks to pull out the old cabinetry, replace with the new cabinetry, as well as bench tops and splash back. Of course, more major kitchen renovations will take longer and its best to speak with us about your specific project.

How messy and dusty will my house and property be during the renovation?

Messy sites can be a safety hazard to the property owner as well as workers on site. We place/store any materials required in a safe manner and utilise high end dust extraction equipment to reduce dust while working and to clean up afterwards. We treat your house like its our own and leave the site neat and tidy at the end of each day.

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